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Temple was started in the year 2014-15 on Shurngagiri Hill. The temple is an Imagination, Creation and Execution of Shri R.Arunachalam.The Creator of this Shiva Linga thought that theShiva Linga should be Unique which is no where in India, so he decided for a Shiva Linga in Spatika. India the Spatika Linga is only owned by Great Guruji and Ramswaram which is 6 inches in height. So he decided to create a Spatika Linga of 3 feet height.

A 3 feet Spatika Linga is not at all possible, the creator travelled to china to trace possibility of making Shiva Linga in Spatika Crystal. Technically to execute the process non availability of Knelling (Boiler) melting in high temperature for the casting in Shiva Linga Shape was another challenge.

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